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Location Bangalore, India
Date Posted February 20, 2020
Category Primary Teacher
Job Type Full-time
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Job Summary
A Primary Teacher instructs elementary school students from ages five to 12 in various subjects. They develop lesson plans, grade class assignments and homework, administer tests and assess students’ performance. Primary Teachers also meet with parents to discuss students’ progress and attend meetings with school administration and other teachers as required. A Primary Teacher might also tutor students on an after school basis, if needed, and could also oversee extracurricular programs.
Responsibilities and Duties
To accomplish their primary goal of instructing students and measuring their academic progress, Primary Teachers perform several tasks. We reviewed several job listings and found the following among the core Primary Teacher duties and responsibilities.
Instruct Students
The main responsibility of a Primary Teacher is to provide instruction in math, English, social studies and other subjects in the classroom. Following federal and state standards for specific subject areas, Primary Teachers create lesson plans for classroom and homework assignments. Primary Teachers must take various learning styles and abilities into account when developing these plans and modify as needed. Primary Teachers must review and grade assignments and tests and log these grades for each students. This responsibility would include integrating educational technology as needed.
Assess Student Performance
It is up to the Primary Teacher to evaluate each student’s performance and academic growth. They must track quality of work, class participation, completion of assignments and understanding of the material being covered in each subject. They must ensure that students are meeting the grade requirements as set by their state board of education.
Manage Discipline in the Classroom
Primary Teachers must ensure a safe and effective learning environment for all students. They must address any unruly or disruptive behaviors from students and take disciplinary action when needed. Primary Teachers need to establish a set of rules for their classroom and maintain these rules throughout a school year. When necessary, Primary Teachers must involve school administrators, counselors and parents in addressing repeated or ongoing issues relating to problematic behaviors.

Key Skills
A Primary Teacher should possess strong organizational, leadership and communication skills. They should be excellent team players, as they will often need to collaborate with school administrators, other teachers and parents, but also have the ability to work independently while teaching a classroom of 20-25 students. They should also be strong problem solvers when applying classroom management strategies. Good listening skills are also important for Primary Teachers. In addition to these general skills, a Primary Teacher could be expected by potential employers to possess the following skills.
Required Experience and Qualifications
Experience : 1 to 2 years
Qualifications : Bachelors with Bed