Admission Counsellor for IGCSE (Cambridge) School, Bangalore.

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Location Bangalore, India
Date Posted November 26, 2020
Category Administrator
Job Type Full-time
Contact Number 8431469782
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Job Summary:

Admissions counselors work collaboratively with the admissions office to review incoming applications, verify applicant information and materials, and provide assistance in making final approvals for college admission. This role may require counselors to contact applicants to solve issues with applications, such as missing or inaccurate information, and may require a significant amount of research and extended hours during different parts of the year.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Contact applicant references to verify information included on resumes, letters of recommendations, and appliReview prospective student applications for college admission.

Research and verify the accuracy of the application information.

Follow-up with students to verify any application issues, including discrepancies or missing information. cations.
Create profiles for each applicant and work collaboratively with other counselors to review make final approvals.
The coordinate applicant approval process with various educational departments as needed.
Meet with and interview prospective students before final application decisions.
Create and maintain recruitment guidelines and goals to use for future recruitment efforts.

Required Experience and Qualification:

Board - IGCSE
Notice Period - immediately
Gender - any
Experience - 3 to 5 yrs
Qualification - MBA

Accommodation: Yes
Food: Yes
Transport: Yes